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  • Jenna Newton

...and here we are

This is a place where I will write as often as possible about things that I find interesting/important/exciting, and I will really really REALLY try to post consistently.

I have a lot of interests and I finally decided to stop wasting time choosing the one that I was "supposed" to focus on and begin to celebrate the variety and breadth of my passions and of my life. Maybe others will relate to this? Maybe not.

So, to begin- a little about me...

Right now I work in children's fashion, at a well-known children's wear company in NYC. I also have degrees in art, a BFA and an MFA, both in painting. I paint, draw, and make digital collages, primarily. In addition I am a certified Holistic Health Counselor, and a Reiki II practitioner. I am about to begin my 200 hour yoga teacher's training, which will surely be something that comes up in my writing here. As well, I host a weekly podcast along with my brother, who is a musician and a writer, called States & Kingdoms. We review classic movies and have a lot of fun having conversations around movies. We plan to begin offering videos as well, TBA.

What else do I do? I love to sing, write in my journal (or here now!). I have a baby daughter, Adelaide. So obviously I think about motherhood and parenting and that will come up as well. I love music and used to play the drums. And once we have that youtube thing figured out Sean I will begin talking about music in addition to the movies.

I live in Queens, and I love it. Although I long for a slower lifestyle, and who knows where I'll be in a few years.

This feels like a good start, an introduction and we'll see where this leads...

me & a rainbow. I'm real, everything else is fake

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